The Cover Letter That Landed Me My Dream Job (the job that can turn into my dream job)

Hello Potential Future Employer,

My name is Adriana Guzman and I ran across your posting for a social media assistant. I believe I would be an awesome fit for this position.

If you are looking for someone reliable, social media savvy, and whose hair will make the office smell like a fruit salad, keep reading…

I graduated from UCSD with a degree in International Relations in 2016 and I am currently working in marketing (#socscigrad).

I currently work remotely and part time for ******* (a web based fitness lifestyle company). Officially, I am the Executive Producer of the ******* Podcast, ******’s Blogger, and I manage the company’s Instagram. I also create our graphics and am proficient in Canva.

Most of my work experience has been centered around office administration. I managed an optometry office for over a year and half. Which is impressive because I didn’t  know a SINGLE thing about optometry. However, I was the longest lasting employee in that year and a half, so I learn fast and I learn thoroughly.

I interned at the Institute of the Americas during my time at UCSD. Under my position as “Unpaid Intern in Cubicle #3,” I researched elections and energy policy in Latin America and aided in the podcast writing process (in which my research was showcased).

I have experience with SEO and readability features in WordPress from working at *******. Keeping every paragraph less than four lines in this email is not a coincidence but for readability purposes.

Why Should You Consider Me for Your Social Media Assistant?

  • I have experience marketing through social media and I have been able to sell anything from weight loss challenges to increasing five star reviews for previous employers so you can count that I will thrive in this position.
  • I am fluent in three languages and have developed strong writing skills from academia and blogging towards women so you can be assured that I can reach ANY targeted audience.
  • I have mastered the art of the two-punch bullet points and I live on so you can be at ease giving me the responsibility of marketing anything online.

I have attached my resume below.

What do you think?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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