High School…It Was Rough

High school was rough for everyone. Regardless of your looks, brains, and money, high school was a real pain in the ass.

And even if having all those things made you appear cool, odds are you probably never felt it.

The high school experience was especially rough if you were the smart, fat girl with the caterpillar eyebrows.

Because, when your crush only finds the time of day for you when he needs to cheat off of your history exam, then life pretty much sucks. At least that’s what it felt like.

Needless to say, I just described myself in all my high school glory.

Don’t ask me to explain how I thought I was in love with a guy dumb enough to need to cheat to pass history (it was fucking history class, Brendan, basic memorization), or why I didn’t tweeze my eyebrows.

I don’t know. I was young, okay?

Even while I was fat, awkward, and totally weird, I had the best friends that anyone could have asked for. I truly believe the true test of friendship is time and I have been friends with these girls for over eight years. We’ve been making time our bitch since freshmen year and still going strong.

In those eight years we have seen each other at our best, our worst, our highest, and our lowest. We’ve seen each other date the best of guys and the worst of guys. Through the best life decisions to the worst life decisions. We’ve been through it ALL.

Now, I look back at those four years and realize that, although I thought I was miserable, I had it pretty good.

My friends and I lived in a bubble of acceptance, love, and careless fun.

Sure there were occasional fights (sorry for locking you out of our locker, Cate) but overall, we were a happy a bunch living in naïve, ignorant bliss of our awkwardness.

We would sit outside the library and eat the sandwiches my dad made us for lunch every day, and talk about how ridiculous our next dance recital was going to be.

Seriously, our dance teacher did not understand cultural appropriation and I think our dance routines were low key racist, but what did we know?

I realize I have been so dramatic about my time in high school. “Oh, I was so fat, no one liked me…life sucked”, blah blah blah . SHUT UP, ADRI!

In actuality, life had never been easier.

Life has been better, but never easier.

I am just happy that I met the most amazing women that made life so damn easy and that they are still in my life today. Not many people can say that, but I sure as hell can.

I am certain that the next time anyone breaks my heart, they will be there with rolled tacos in one hand and ciders in the other. That’s just how they roll and I am lucky to have to them.

Nerds really do rule the world.

Stay gold,

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