I Sell Plastic Surgery for a Living and I am Not a Horrible Human

My job is to look at vaginas and breasts all day, every day, from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

I work as a social media assistant for a digital marketing company, and our clients are exclusively plastic surgeons (I hashtag for a living). Not surprisingly, our targeted audience is mostly women, but sometimes we promote to men too.

I write around a hundred posts a day advertising liposuction, tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts, labiaplasty (those are some pictures I could go without seeing), LOTS of Botox, etc.…

My side hustle, on the other hand, is producing a popular health, fitness, and self-love podcast.

At first, I saw so much irony in this; “body shamer” by day, “body positivity activist” by night.

It felt a bit conflicting, but to be honest, I didn’t give it much thought for more than two weeks and with good reason.

I went from “oh, hell, no” to “oh, hell yes, girl!”

After those first two weeks, I started to understand why people get plastic surgery, and their reasons, for the most part, aren’t self-hatred. I also discovered the major confidence boost a lot of women experienced.

My perspective has changed even more in these last couple of months. I used to be a plastic surgery hater and felt that it promoted altering your body to conform to society’s expectations of beauty (*cough cough* I am looking at you Instagram) and was meant to please men (fuck the patriarchy).

However, that really isn’t the case.

I have read hundreds and hundreds of reviews and researched procedures extensively, and I found these women aren’t aiming to please anyone but themselves.

The majority of women that decide to “get some work done” are average women that may have lost their breast fullness after breast feeding (be nice to your mother), want only slight enhancements, just want to look how they feel, or don’t want wrinkles (and who does?).

I mean, I freak out when I find a gray. Aging is some scary shit.

Most importantly, your opinion and mine really don’t matter to them and they shouldn’t.

If it makes them happy, I don’t mind letting them know it’s 10% off or that CoolSculpting is the special of the month.

If something as harmless as Botox is going to make fifty-year-old woman smile whenever she looks in the mirror, then what wrong is being done?

If you are thinking that I am making my money by telling women that they are not perfect, you are very far off.

I would never tell a woman she isn’t perfect. Especially since what is perfect to me, most likely isn’t her idea of perfection. It’s important to remember that beauty is subjective.

“Whatever floats your boat” is really applicable when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Really, it’s applicable anywhere in life.

What are your thoughts and opinions on plastic surgery?

Stay gold,

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