My Favorite D.C. Fitness Studios

When I moved to D.C. three months ago, I decided I was NOT going to pay a monthly $130 fee for the closest gym to my apartment.

Instead, I decided to take my hard earned money and put it toward studio classes that I find enjoyable, social (trying to make friends in a new city is hard), and fun.

After all, I had been lifting in a traditional gym setting since 2009 and was no longer in love with picking things up, putting them down, and then getting on the Stairmaster.

In these three months, I have tried many studios in the city thanks to free first class specials and a free two-week trial and forty free credit promotion on ClassPass.

I found some studios to be better than others and now regularly attend four studios in the city.

Here is a list of my favorite D.C. fitness studios:

Zengo Cycle – I tried Zengo a few weeks ago when I saw its proximity to my office and their Friday Happy Hour ride featuring Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Little Mix.

You’d think that with that killer playlist I’d be sold, but I was hesitant at first. Were my legs ready for the ultimate burn out? Was my body cardio ready? Would I fit in with the culture of the studio?

Putting my fear aside, I signed up and walked into the best workout environment in the city.

The instructor was upbeat, motivating, and ensured I understood the setup of the bike.

Additionally, the other riders were welcoming and quick to offer recommendations for latin dancing in the city.

Epic Interval Training – This studio is a short walk from home and absolutely kills me in the best way possible. I have been working out for years, but the results I have achieved from visiting Epic once to twice a week outpace the results I saw from nine years of traditional gym workouts.

The trainers are always motivating and helpful. While the workouts are hard, they ensure you can adjust the difficulty level to accommodate and challenge your body’s abilities. My favorite classes at Epic are combination interval and strength interval classes.

Rumble – To be honest, Rumble prices are not what I am about…But, the boxing-inspired workout is a great deal of fun and I feel like a badass punching bags, using brass knuckles, and looking like a boxer.

The Justin Bieber backed studio has become my treat to myself, and I love feeling like an NYC model right after. Their classes are great for anyone looking to build core strength and endurance.

Nuboxx – Another boxing studio on the opposite side of town is fun, welcoming, and a great strength and cardio workout.

I love their strength and conditioning style workouts that focus on getting stronger through interval training. From developing your core to defining your arms, this studio delivers.

Those are my top four D.C. fitness studios in a nutshell. Working out in a group setting has really motivated me to consistent in my efforts to workout and stay healthy.

I will be documenting my class experiences, workout tips, and nutrition hacks on my new Instagram. Follow me here.

Comment your favorite studios and any recommendations.

Stay gold,


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