I’m Adri and I am a writer, blogger, and marketer.  I started working as a private contractor in the beginning of 2017 for a fitness lifestyle company.  My very first client ever!

All of a sudden, little me, was now a business owner. A business owner that was not using her very expensive degree from UCSD in International Relations.

Sorry mom and dad!

While my education was heavily filled with endless all nighters writing essays, I did not know just how much I loved writing until I was actual doing it for a living.

I was learning more and more about the web-based world and I was falling in love fast.

Once I stepped into the realm of writing professionally, I realized I couldn’t imagine myself ever stopping.

Soon enough, I began to gather more and more clients. From fitness companies to optometry offices, I have been writing about everything in a variety of industries.

I am a masochist and maintain a full time job as the lead of marketing at a D.C. search firm, currently am producing a new podcast about artificial intelligence, and do some private consulting.

This is my space to write freely about my passions: fitness and nutrition.

However, you’ll see other topics scattered in here.

Feel free to read, comment, share, troll, whatever tickles your pickle.

Stay gold,